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Floral is a melodic two piece math rock band from the San Francisco bay area.  Founded in 2014 by guitarist Nate Sherman and drummer Ty Mayer, the band has carved a strong following via three releases and countless tours in both the US and UK.  Eight years after their first release, Floral has proved their mainstay worth in the melodic instrumental music scene.   

Sherman’s flowery melodic riffs complimented by Mayer’s fluent and punctuated drumming create an easily distinguishable sound.  Technical yet emotive, Floral’s music effortlessly blends the familiar with the fresh and new.  The band’s 2020 LP elevated their sound to even higher levels with Mayer occasionally pulling double duties on guitar and drums simultaneously.   

Floral’s live performances somehow manage to capture the same raw emotion and energy of their albums, furiously tearing through complicated passages without ever making them seem so. The band has honed the craft of serving the music before serving any need for virtuosity; but at a closer glance it is apparent that both qualities are present and fluidly blended together. Floral’s innovative sound and seamless delivery has proven itself over time as the band has only grown a larger following. Their music brings a breath of fresh air to anyone willing to listen, and is not something to be passed on. 


361 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
All Ages