Knitting Factory Presents

Dan Layus, Tim Pourbaix , Ryan Luce


Jul 18 Wed
Dan Layus, Tim Pourbaix , Ryan Luce7:30 PM | Doors: 7:00 PM
Knitting Factory - BrooklynBrooklyn, NY
All Ages
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Ryan Luce

Hustlers, gamblers, runaways. These are the people Ryan Luce writes about. The ones on the wrong side of the law, the shooting stars that don't conform to modern society. Ryan's fascination with these characters began growing up in Buffalo, NY and the local diner where his father would warn him about the men and women sitting at the lunch counter, "he would always say you don't want to sit at the counter that's where the truckers and the transients sit and it fascinated me even more. As I grew up and my songwriting expanded I thought about people I would see at that diner and write a story about how they ended up there or where they're going." Whether it's a song about 2 dreamers looking to the west (California Gold) or a father searching for his lost son (Faded Memory) these people have stopped by Ryan's diner to have a cup of coffee before moving on.

Ryan moved to Brooklyn 4 years ago and leaving home for the first time inspired some of the songs he currently performs. "As my dad left after a visit I just started to write and out of that came "Hometown Anthem" a song that is my love letter to Buffalo and to anyone who visits where they grew up. Ryan has had to navigate the vastness of the city's music scene and it can be overwhelming but he believes in the power a song can have to cut through it all, "if you can tell a mini movie in 3 minutes and connect the audience with your character or feeling then I think you have done your job and you should be satisfied with yourself."