Starcadian x Tokyo Rose, C Z A R I N A, Primo


Mar 14 Sat
Starcadian x Tokyo Rose, C Z A R I N A, Primo7:30 PM | Doors: 7:00 PM
Knitting Factory - BrooklynBrooklyn, NY
All Ages


C Z A R I N A ® (aka Vero Faye Kitsuné) is an accomplished, multi-faceted creative and entrepreneur from Brooklyn, New York, growing in notoriety as an award-winning Synth, Cyberpunk and Electronic Rock artist, power vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, performer, actor, producer and as an award-winning filmmaker. Simultaneously, C Z A R I N A is a sought-after creative force and talent behind several global brands and fashion start-ups we know (and wear) today. Inspired by her love for futurist culture, cyberpunk, 80s tech noir, mecha robots, martial arts and Japanese Animes, C Z A R I N A has created a distinctively compelling artistic universe that is a true fusion of her unique strengths in both visual and musical artistry. Dabbling with atmospheric synths and lush cinematic tones, C Z A R I N A takes her audience into a smoke-filled, neon-lit dimension, with vivid and colorful lyricism, sonic guitars, heartfelt melodies and powerful vocal hooks which are all signature to her unique soundscape. "PAINTED HOLOGRAMS," the critically-acclaimed debut 9-track masterwork LP by C Z A R I N A was released November 11, 2018, landing her several top placements in the year’s Best Artists lists, including the coveted Music Connection Magazine’s Hot 100 Indie Artists. Her latest offering, the Bushido Cyberpunk "chanbara" music film, "BLAZE: Dances of the Yokai" has recently garnered several prestigious international film fest awards, including Best Music Video at the New York Film Awards and Best Original Song at the Indie Short Fest Awards.



Primo is the alien-assassin, alter-ego of Austin-based musician Laura Lee Bishop. With songs like “Motorcycle in the Milky Way,” an upbeat homage to interplanetary tourism, “Sex Dreams,” a velvety erotic fantasy, and “Showdown City,” a dramatic face-off of epic proportions, Primo is guaranteed to make you feel like you’re living in 1987... if 1987 was a dangerously sexypost-apocalyptic wasteland complete with kickass parties, flying motorcycles, and lots of glitter. The wings of this rainbow Pegasus are Primo’s signature powerhouse vocals. This rock-n-roll assassin sings with urgency, from the gut, hitting notes so high you’ll wonder if she’s hiding a soprano sax in her throat. Primo's eccentric bravado, compelling intensity, and colossal production style delivers the punch music fans of all genres have been oh-so-eagerly anticipating.