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About the Company

Since its inception in 1987, Knitting Factory Entertainment (“KFE” or the “Company”) has grown from a single New York City venue into a comprehensive leader in the music and entertainment business.  Today, the Company’s operations include venue ownership and management, festivals and events, touring, artist management, recorded music production and distribution, and other initiatives around the Knitting Factory brand and audience.  Spanning across the U.S. with offices and venues in New York, Spokane, Boise, and Los Angeles, KFE is active across the United States in all markets.


Knitting Factory Entertainment readily embraces sponsorship opportunities that mutually benefit your brand as well as ours. We’ve partnered with entities that vary from Fortune 500 companies to small family run businesses. If it meets the standard of taste, hipness and quality associated with the Knitting Factory, we’re more than interested in sharing the wealth.

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Are you in over your head?  Given our 25 years in the entertainment business, we’ve seen just about everything one can experience. Knitting Factory Entertainment has righted more than one ship, put out a couple of fires, and pulled the flooded safely onto higher ground. Let our established team of industry experts help you get your business on the right track, whether by offering behind the scenes consulting or by entering into a partnership via our licensing/franchising opportunities.

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Brand Development

Got something cool that would look even cooler with our logo on it? We pride ourselves on being hip across multiple demographics. We’ve long been associated with rock ‘n roll, hip hop, dance culture, heavy metal, R&B, and even experimental jazz. That said, our logo can be just as easily found on a KF Brooklyn t-shirt worn by a forty something exec reposing at a sidewalk café as it is on the KF skateboard deck under the 16-year-old racing by.

The Knitting Factory logo. Unique to everyone.

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Licensing and Franchising

Knitting Factory Entertainment is the first entertainment based licensing group to offer every aspect of a fully integrated brand, from venue and restaurant licensing and support, to touring, talent management and merchandising. The ability to secure support from seasoned and skilled upper level management gives the local owner all the necessary tools needed to succeed. Owning a Knitting Factory branded and licensed pub or venue gives local operators a considerable edge over their competitors. It’s your one way ticket to hipsterdom!

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