The Snicklefritz Scheme

The Snicklefritz Scheme is an dance-based groove/funk band. These 4 members are dedicated to curating a psychedelic experience that EVERYONE can move to. David Gilmour of Pink Floyd said it best (paraphrasing) “we have always been obsessed with sounds that make you feel like someone is just 100 yards over there, just pinging away”, we are dedicated to this idea.

Matt and Daniel have been jamming together since 2013, previously known as Wave Mechanics they've developed a strong personal and musical relationship. After that band Matt and Daniel stayed close friends and eventually started playing together again. As they did so, they changed their musical direction and eventually The Scheme was born! Almost immediately they started hacking away at a 5 song EP. After playing out in the circuit for a season or two and building a reputation of amazing live performances the band dynamics started to change and Ryan decided to step back from the band to pursue a PhD in physics. The band then found an amazing replacement, Allen Brooks, and then added Ben Egan on keys. This has transcended the band to a whole new level that is currently cutting a new album and expecting tour dates soon after.


600 Nevan Road, Virginia Beach, VA
All Ages
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