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May The Rock Be With You
Knitting Factory - Boise
416 S. 9th St. - Boise, ID 83702
Thu May 16 7:30 pm (Doors: 7:00 pm)
All Ages
$12.00 Tickets


Faded Leroy

Based out of Boise, ID, Faded Leroy formed in the summer of 2012. After performing in the Treasure Valley for over a decade with various bands, and touring regionally together, Brendan Nickel and Beau Kolar decided to rethink their approach to music. It wasn't long before the ideas were flowing. "The writing all seemed very effortless," remembers Nickel. With Nickel on guitar and Kolar on drums, they began developing those first sketches and soon had nearly an album's worth of original material. Shortly thereafter, Kolar and Nickel enlisted the help of Jeremy Cummings on vocals to assist them in further developing the tracks. They began recording "Days Between Stations" on December 21, 2012 at the Tonic Room Studios in Boise with Jason Ringelstetter manning the controls. Erin Johnson spent a short time with the band on bass and recorded the bass tracks on "Days Between Stations". In the summer of 2013, the three met Brian Lewis and they hit it off immediately. With the addition of Lewis on bass the current lineup was solidified. The band released "Days Between Stations" on March 25, 2014. With the album finished, the band has shifted their focus to live performing. Although Faded Leroy is in its infancy, the members are building on years of experience they gained playing in the region. Cummings is best known for his intense vocal stylings with Boise bands Sub*vert and Portrait of the Assassin. Kolar, drummer for Boise rock band Abrupt Edge, has a long-standing musical relationship with Nickel (both were members of Abrupt Edge, Solar Roller, and Uncle Bud). Kolar currently performs with Silverbridge and Cyan in addition to Faded Leroy. Nickel may be best known for his guitar work in earlier projects such as Organech, and Matthew C. Vanderboegh's "The Erinys" (where he first shared the stage with Cummings). Lewis fills out the low end, dishes out tasty grooves, and brings enthusiasm to the stage.
   Together they have given birth to the legend of Faded Leroy, a forgotten broadcaster in the not so distant  when civilization has fallen under the shadow of dark forces. All media and transmitters are under control. Alone and abandoned at a forgotten radio outpost, Leroy works tirelessly to rebuild the station and equipment, to broadcast himself across the airwaves and make contact with any surviving translators. As the darkest hour nears, Leroy closes in on the outcome of what may be his most dangerous experiment yet...future

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