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Red NOT Chili Peppers, Snacks at Midnight, Quarter Monkey
Knitting Factory - Spokane
919 W. Sprague Avenue - Spokane, WA 99201
Fri February 17 8:00 pm (Doors: 7:00 pm)
All Ages
$18.00-$20.00 Tickets


Snacks at Midnight

A midnight snack could be thought of in two categories: one as a pre-packaged quick bite, and the second as an improvised meal using ingredients that don’t traditionally go together, but boy does it taste and feel good. The latter is where Snacks at Midnight draws inspiration for their sound. With comparisons drawn to Red Hot Chili Peppers, Hippo Campus, Rainbow Kitten Surprise, and even the Grateful Dead, it is clear the band pulls inspiration from many different sounding genres and artists.

Quarter Monkey

Quarter Monkey has a reputation of putting on mind-blowing show after mind-blowing show. 

On Nov. 8th 2008, Quarter Monkey successfully released their first album “Lucy” during a packed show at the Cretin Hop in Spokane. In June 2009, Quarter Monkey set out on a 3-month summer tour starting in Seattle and venturing down the coast playing shows in: Vancouver, Eugene (Black Forest), San Francisco, LA (The Mint, Club Good Hurt), Arizona (Hollywood Alley), New Mexico, Colorado (Little Caesar “Hot & Ready Band Competition Winner”), Montana and more. Since then, Quarter Monkey has kept the local/regional scene alive returning to Seattle, Helena, Spokane, Richland, etc… All the mean time banking up new original tunes for their next full-length album "Got No Name" available now!