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Talon, Rlyblonde, Monarch, Big Girl
Knitting Factory at Baker Falls
101 Avenue A - New York, NY 10009
Thu May 16 8:30 pm (Doors: 8:00 pm)
21 and up
$15.00 Tickets



Talon is Brooklyn's very own “girlfriend rock” band injects big, bright indie-pop with heart-wrenching harmonies and heavy doses of gritty guitar. Embracing queer ethos, Talon shows are sure to make you smile, dance and forget your worries. Talon explores yearning, rejection, and relationship fantasies with tunes that are as catchy as they are biting. 


After years of being the go-to creative director, photographer, and videographer for NYC’s favorite indie music acts, Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary artist “rlyblonde” finally took center stage in 2023 with her musical debut, “Fantasy.” Building on years of self-portraiture exploring themes of identity, heartbreak, and classic feminine tropes, rlyblonde’s musical catalog is punchy and wholly authentic–complete with a fully self-produced & self-directed visual world to accompany. Sonically, rlyblonde keeps listeners on their feet by genre-bending between edgy alt-rock and tender indie-pop, all while maintaining her signature sense of humor.


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Big Girl

Big Girl materializes as a rare spectral force comprised of a powerful six-piece ensemble. From irreverent post-punk to the poetic intimacy of vulnerable indie-rock, Big Girl brings together an array of forces that culminate in their wild live performances where the sparkling collides with the demonic, fishnets weave tales of late capitalism, and televisions whisper intimately to the soul. Big Girl is the elegy for grieving gays, navigating the darkest corners of unattainable desires and irretrievable losses through choreographed dance moves and moments of experimental grandeur, with a backbone of primal, lived-in rock n' roll.